Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager

Posted 8 years ago

Job Description:

The responsibility of the portfolio manager is to monitor the portfolio of assigned projects (from start to completion) within each project life cycle. This responsibility involves assignment of projects to project managers, review of project performance, working with project interns, gathering data and reviewing project documentation for the closing and sponsor-satisfaction of projects. The portfolio manager will report and escalate project management issues to upper management to mitigate portfolio issues derived from project issues..

Core Requirements:

– Bachelors degree in business,, project management marketing or a related field – masters preferred.
– 10+ years of experience providing project management.
– Excellent written, verbal and mathematical communication skills.
– Trustworthy to cooperate, collaborate and contribute.
– Project analysis to support the progress within the project life cycle.
– Experience managing relationships with upper management.
– Advanced spreadsheet skills required (MS Excel)

Reports To:

PMO Director

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