Me and my sister, Lisa, had a great time. Although it was very windy, we were able to have a lot of fun, bug out and just make sure that we let nothing hold us back from having a blast. We laughed all day, and it was memorable and crazy! I will cherish this day - for life!!! Thank you, sis!


PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Photography & Videography

  • Special Events: Reunions, Parties, Dinners, Celebrations
  • Candid, Journalistic, Portrait, Dynamic, Fantasy, Cartoon (2D/3D).

FamilyTreeography Event Photography & Videography Services

FamilyTreeography provides a one stop solution for photography and videography for clients across the U.S. and abroad. We offer multiple simultaneous coverage with ease, giving our clients more time to focus on the more important aspects of their job.

FamilyTreeography exists to benefit you and your family – we understand photography and videography. Whether you have one location or ten, we understand your need to work with photographers and videographers who are competent, reliable, focused, can see the whole picture, listens and understands your unique needs and culture with quality delivery. As America’s national photography and videography solution, we save you time, eliminate travel costs and simplify your search for photography and videography. Based in the U.S., we have photographers and videographers in major U.S. cities. With our professional photographers and videographers and their years of experience, we can follow your instructions or you can leave it in our capable hands and well work our creative magic.

Our package offers:

  • Photo/Video Teams.
  • Digital post-production touchups of every image.
  • Post-event communication to attendees.
  • Online Gallery Hosting (w/password option).

Additional Services we can offer includes:

  • On-site printing / Mobile Studio
  • Backgrounds & Props
  • Customized DVD presentations of your event highlights
  • Customized, stylized post-production effects
  • Web or DVD Slideshow production

Features of our Service

  • Fast, interactive and fun
  • Unique gift or promotional products
  • Backgrounds to suit your event theme
  • Our designers can create your ideal image with logo(s) & tag line
  • Draw people to your booth or attraction

On-Demand Professional Photography, Printing, and Delivery

  • When time is against you and you need it now, you can count on FamilyTreeography to deliver.
  • Whether it be prints of your guests or PR images for your newspaper, we have the solution to meet your needs.
  • When time is of the essence and you require your photos the same day then we can have your images edited and delivered while onsite for you to use that day ready for newsletter or newspaper distribution. We can also provide the video, based on the amount of footage, as soon as possible – and fast!
  • Our team of expert photographers and technicians can create quality photographs on the spot ? whether you want to reinforce your branding, boost employee morale or launch a new product, great pictures are only great if they help you achieve your goals. Ours do.
  • If you are like most people, youll find lots of ways to make a great impression with our same night service. We can print out photos not only of the traditional table shots of guests, but also portraits in our professional mobile studio which is great at fancy dress and similar type events.
  • This service can also be used for your award winners to take photographs of themselves to take home that night. The ability for guests to take photos home with them has a huge positive impression and keeps the experience at the forefront of the peoples minds long after the event is over.
  • We can set up our professional lights, props and even a backdrop at your event and have one of our photographers on standby at all times ready to take pictures. High resolution pictures which are captured straight into the computer and can be printed on-site at your event within minutes. We can even add your branding or border onto the image, to further promote your event.
  • If you are like most people, youll find lots of ways to make a great impression with our same night service on-site photo printing . We can print out photos not only of the traditional table shots of guests, but also portraits in our professional mobile studio which is great at fancy dress and similar type events. This can also be used for your award winners to take photographs of themselves to take home that night. The ability for guests to take photos home with them has a hugely positive impression and keeps the positive experience at the forefront of the peoples minds long after the event is over. On-site printing means you get your photo within minutes, not days or weeks. Attendees at your event can take their prints home to remember that night.
  • Your event is a huge success! Your clients are wrapped, your prospects are now ready to buy from you and now its time to follow up with each client and prospect after the event. That is where FamilyTreeography U.S. is your ace-in-the-hole. After every event we provide you with publication quality images for all your follow-up and future marketing needs.
  • Our professional event photographers are there capturing every key moment in vibrant, high definition images for you. Using these images you can press home your market message, your competitive advantage or continue to build rapport with your clients and prospects. When you hire FamilyTreeography, you are hiring professional photographers who understand that everything in business is time critical – we will have your images ready for publication in your follow-up marketing within 48 hours of your events completion!

Online Orders

  • FamilyTreeography orders can be placed online.

Web Gallery

  • FamilyTreeography, at your fingertips, allow photos to also be available via web galleries. Our secure and easy to use Web Gallery help you leave a lasting impression with your event goers. Its an easy way for people to collect priceless souvenir images of themselves enjoying your occasion.
  • Guests are able to purchase images online as digital files or prints. We take care of all orders and deliver them straight to the guests. Simply let us take care of all the orders ? hassle free.
  • For privacy, our web gallery system is fully protected, offering security to you and your guests. Should you require a private gallery, simply let us know and we can setup a secure password so only your guests can view their photos.




This agreement for professional services is entered into by the person(s) described below, referred to as Client, and FamilyTreeography, an independent contractor licensed primarily for business in the United States. This contract is not considered work for hire.


FamilyTreeography will provide high quality professional services for the event(s) listed below. Unless otherwise noted, we will provide one professional service provider (Capturer) to capture your event using digital equipment, producing Digital Images in high-resolution. In addition to the primary Capturer assigned, FamilyTreeography may use additional Capturers and/or assistants at its discretion. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the Digital Images will be delivered to the Client electronically over the Internet (Internet Gallery) and/or via DVD (Digital Album). The Internet Gallery will be online for six (3) months and will be removed at the discretion of FamilyTreeography.


The parties agree to cheerful cooperation for the best possible results. In order to help achieve the best results possible at large events, either the Client or their designee must point out individuals/groups that are important to have captured. It is the Clients responsibility to ensure that key individuals are on time, available, and prepared to be captured. Client will provide FamilyTreeography with an estimated number of guests expected to attend. If the estimate differs significantly from the actual guests that attend, FamilyTreeography reserves the right to adjust the price on the final bill accordingly.


The Client will provide FamilyTreeography with a list of suggested capture-items that they desire in advance. While every attempt is made to accommodate the Clients desired list of capture-items and create the best images possible, no particular image is guaranteed. FamilyTreeography is equipped to handle most low-light situations. In situations where flash and lighting is prohibited or is deemed to be unsafe, the Client agrees to accept the Digital Images as-is, given the technical limitations of low-light.


It is understood that FamilyTreeography owns the copyright to all of the Digital Images and reserves the right to use them for display, publication, advertising or other purposes. Upon receipt of final payment, the Client is granted a Non-Exclusive Unlimited License to use the Digital Images for their own non-commercial purposes, such as printing, electronic messaging, exchange with friends and relatives, or display on the Internet. No Digital Images will be provided to the Client until full payment has been made. FamilyTreeography is a Registered Service Mark of FamilyTreeography, LLC.


For large events, a non-refundable retainer totaling 50% of the agreed upon amount is due upon signature of this agreement. The balance is due the day before the event. Any overtime fees approved verbally by the Client during the event are due upon completion of the event. For Engagement Photo Sessions and Portrait Sessions, payment in full is due at the time the photos are taken. Upon signature and receipt of the deposit, FamilyTreeography will reserve the specified date and time for the event. All deposits are non-refundable even if the date has changed or the event is cancelled for any reason.


Upon signature of this contract and receipt of an approved, a valid Purchase Order from the organization may be needed, and FamilyTreeography will reserve the specified date and time for the event. FamilyTreeography will send an invoice immediately following the event, which is due and payable upon receipt. Cancellation may be made up to seven (7) days prior to the event without penalty. Any Cancellations within the seven (7) day period before an event will be subject to a 20% Cancellation fee. Rescheduling within the seven (7) day period or for a time/date when we are not available is considered a Cancellation.


Please contact an FamilyTreeography representative before sending any payments and correspondence at


Although great care will be taken with the Digital Images, this contract limits the entire liability for any claim, loss, injury or failure to deliver Digital Images to the return of any fees paid by the Client under this contract. In the unlikely event of personal illness or other circumstances beyond the control of FamilyTreeography, an attempt will be made to procure the services of another professional Capturer to fulfill the obligations of FamilyTreeography. FamilyTreeography is not responsible or liable for any other damages beyond the amount of this contract. Client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold FamilyTreeography and their representatives, agents, contractors, employees, successors and assigns, harmless for any and all liabilities, damages, claims, suits, judgments, costs, fees and expenses that arise as a result of or in connection with the services provided.


This contract is for the professional services and electronic delivery of the Licensed Digital Images only. Additional services, such as providing high-resolution Digital Images on physical media, touch-ups, or editing are available as a separate order. Any changes to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by all the parties. This agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the parties and is governed by the laws of the State of North Carolina.

By signing this contract, FamilyTreeography and the Client agree to all of the terms and conditions stated in this contract.


CLIENT SIGNATURE: __________________________________________

DATE: ______________

FamilyTreeography SIGNATURE: ______________________________________

DATE: ______________


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